about wearegroup8


The limited edition of 8 special pieces.

The Project

Tired of fabricating or inventing stories, for clearly defined targets, on objects during our daily work as advertisers, we decided to create a line that did not have anything to do with gender seasons or collections. It was all about the actual piece, that we, woman or man, 22 or 69, could use on the streets, for work and play or in the country side.

The objects

We will produce 8 pieces in limited quantities. sometimes a piece will be taken away and replaced with an other. one piece can return in another colour or pattern and continue to live on. but we will never make a second edition of a colour. we will honour the original piece in almost every detail but will make changes to rend the piece more up to date with our time. our objective is to make the piece to talk and touch people in the way it has spoken to and touched us.